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The Top Six Color Trends for Carpet in 2018 You Will Want for Your Home

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The Top Six Color Trends for Carpet in 2018 You Will Want for Your Home

Is a new flooring upgrade in your future? Do you want to create a beautiful space like the ones you see on the home design shows? We have this year’s best tones to make your home look and feel amazing. You may even find a unique style that becomes a statement piece for your entire room.

Neutral colors like shades of beige are still key with one important addition

Off-whites, tans, and browns are safe colors because they will go with just about any decor you choose for your room. For instance, all three colors go well with gold accents. Adding pops of color in red or blue will not clash with these carpet colors, so all of these hues are a safe option. Plus, if you plan to sell your home soon, then adding neutral tones is best for appealing to the widest audience. The biggest change with these colors is that solid tones are out. However, carpet manufacturer’s are keeping the interest in neutral colors with texture. HGTV tells readers that woven carpets add depth and dimension coming in a variety of options from floral to striped and everything else.

Gray tones are more than neutral

While grays are neutral too, this color is appealing to homeowners because you can use it in light or dark tones to create the design you want. A chevron pattern with dark and light gray lines is super fun and very trendy right now. You can also play off of these colors to create a cohesive room design that screams designer style. Pale gray, charcoal, and gray with a tinge of green are the favorite hues right now.

Mix and match blues for a bold statement

When safe and comfortable is not your style, then why not go with the top color choice for carpet? Blue tones are big this year with every range of colors from pale blue to deep royal hues adorning floors across the country. Mohawk says that Indigo or navy blue are exceptional choices for a stunning design that is complete and fun. You can really push the envelope with this color depending on which room you choose to add the blue carpet. Using these tones in a master bedroom or den can give you the foundation for a spectacular nautical theme or beach design. You can use your flooring samples to shop for matching decorative items that you want to put in the space to make it more appealing.

Berry tones are huge this year

Is blue flooring a little too dynamic for you? Do you prefer a warmer tone or a more reddish carpet to anchor your den or dining space? Blush and fruit tones are big in carpet designs in 2018. These colors are excellent options for invoking a sense of class in any room. You could use this color in an office with a deep, rich maroon that beckons for you to come in and enjoy a book or a glass of wine while you unwind. A reading nook with a mauve or strawberry tone will give provide a spectacular backdrop while you are penning away at a new novel or catching up on some studies.

Soothing and comfortable greens welcome guests to sit down and relax

When you are looking to define a space as your quiet zone, then no color is better at this than a warm, green tone. Whether you use greens in your exercise room or office, there is no worry about this color aggravating you or making your day worse. Since green is the color of plants and trees, this hue is always inviting and soothing unless you go for a neon tone. Sages and pale green tones can provide an excellent beginning for new areas where you want quiet time to get away from the kids, forget the stress at work, or recover after an illness.

Patterns are definitely in this year

When you want to impress your guests or party till all hours of the night, then you may want to choose the newest carpet trend in the industry. Vibrant, decorative flooring choices like floral are excellent options for high-traffic rooms because this carpet style can hide a little fading, wine splatter, or gravy stains. So, have some fun and get creative with your carpet choices for the rooms where you will entertain guests the most. Checkerboard, zig-zag, ornate floral motifs, plaid, basket weave, and thick borders are just a few of the options that can ramp up your design a few notches.

When you are ready to redefine a room in your home, then consider starting by adding new carpet. Whether you choose to go light and refreshing to help you relax, or you want something fun and zany, our flooring specialists here at Accent on Floors are happy to help you find the right color or design. We would love to talk more with you about your project. You can reach us at 804-458-0048 to book a convenient time to measure your space.