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Benefits of Using Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Next Remodel

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Benefits of Using Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Next Remodel

Are you planning a remodel? Do you have to redo your floors or want to upgrade your style? To get a sense of luxury in your home without a shocking price, you may want to consider adding vinyl floors. While you may not think of this material as a premium finish, you can add appeal without breaking the bank. Luxury vinyl flooring offers a reduction of a third or more of the cost versus ceramic tile and non-grout designs. Some faux styles can be as much as half the cost of the original material.

Variety of finishes

Many floor manufacturers offer vinyl that comes in custom designs. For instance, a popular style in dens and dining rooms is to add a vinyl floor that looks like hardwood. Another favorite is stone. While this flooring looks exceptional in a bathroom where you want to create a zen sensation, you can also use it around a fireplace to make a statement. Small applications are just as striking as large uses of the material because of the finish. You can go with light or dark stone and create a stunning entrance that will wow every guest that walks through the door.

Lightweight applications

Rooms that have a weight limit that makes real stone impossible can still look authentic with luxury vinyl flooring from top brands like Mohawk, Armstrong, and Mannington. Using LVT means that you can easily address structural limits since stone and natural materials are much heavier than vinyl. When adding this flooring to your home, the lower weight option means no stress on second-level floors or rooms with heavy appliances or bathtubs.

Custom designs

With the variety of colors, patterns, and finishes available, you can design an entire room around luxury vinyl floors. Mosaic patterns mimic ceramic designs giving you a classy focal point that draws the eye around the room. You can also use vinyl to create borders. This style is especially stunning in bathrooms and kitchens where you can outline the island or a shower surround to make the room pop. Using bright colors for the border can liven up a neutral color palette. Another spectacular design option is creating accent rugs in a room. Luxury vinyl tile can take on any look you want, and when you decide you want a room to stand out, creating a tile rug where your dining table will sit is an excellent way to add appeal.

Easier to clean

Whether you want a zen space that is your personal spa zone, or you need a dedicated workout area, luxury vinyl flooring can make your favorite areas quick cleaning. Who wants to spend time getting out the carpet cleaner and trying to remove pet messes, spills, and traffic marks? Luxury vinyl has a coating that makes it easy to wipe up says Angie’s List. Natural stones are colder on the feet than vinyl, so you can warm up a space with this flooring option too.

Stain resistance

Luxury vinyl tiles have a scratch-resistant coating that protects the material from dings and dents. While you can still mark up this material, it does resist damage more than a ceramic tile might. Because the material has water resistant capabilities, it makes luxury vinyl tile an appealing option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs says Detroit News.

Price difference

Since vinyl is much less expensive than stone or solid hardwood, you can get the appeal you want without going over budget on a renovation. Believe it or not, luxury vinyl is extremely durable. Buyers find that they are spending much less time and money for maintenance on top of the initial cost savings. Another benefit of using these products is that the flooring is much easier on the feet than stone or hardwood floors. The even surface reduces trip hazards as well.

Ease of installation

Angie’s List says that ceramic tile takes twice as long to install as LVT. The great part about this application is that if you do damage the flooring, you can quickly remove the affected sections and make the repair look seamless. Luxury tiles are smaller than traditional tiles, so the fix is usually quick and takes minimal effort. The durability of LVT is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners choose to go with this product versus natural flooring like travertine.

When you want to transform your space into an exquisite rendition of a home you see in the magazines, then luxury vinyl tile gives you an affordable option. This durable and scratch-resistant tile is fast to install and will stand up to high-traffic. When someone spills a cup of juice or spaghetti sauce, you will not have to worry about natural flooring soaking up the mess because LVT is waterproof. You can easily wipe up the spill and move on with your day. With the options available, you have hundreds of varieties and designs to choose from when you want to create a look that will have all of your guests oohing and aahing as soon as they enter your home.