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How Recent Flooring Trends Are Shaping Future Carpet Design

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How Recent Flooring Trends Are Shaping Future Carpet Design

Are you wondering whether carpet is a good investment for your home? Do you want to keep your house inviting and comfortable? Carpet in one or a few rooms is still an excellent way to soften up a home, tie the house together, and create a relaxing space that is fun for everyone including guests. Carpet is not falling by the wayside. On the contrary, this medium is seeing new innovations with hombre rug patterns and carpet tiles. Advanced weaving technologies and knotting equipment are spurring the invention of new flooring designs.

Defining a space

Flooring Trends Magazine says that carpet is changing from being strictly a residential item to becoming more useful in offices. This advancement does not mean that the material is not a good choice for homes anymore. Homeowners, designers, staging teams, and real estate agents are seeing a trend where carpet pieces, rugs, and select rooms are using the medium versus carpeting the entire house. Another change is that the choices for specific rooms are more intricate and often cost more per square foot than a standard Berber. Bold colors and patterns are becoming focal points of family rooms and conference rooms. Yoga studios and executive offices are other spaces where a soft approach is soothing and welcoming.

Patterns are in and solids are out

Using vibrant prints and designs helps home buyers to define the space. Mediterranean and Indian designs are very popular in 2018. Persian rugs and authentic Mexican scroll work are other options you may see hitting the flooring market. Everyone is looking for a striking statement piece for the home or office. Flooring can have as intricate a design as tile, and it does not make your feet cold. Paisley, damask, chevron, geometric, ivy, and even custom designs are readily accessible to homeowners that want something unique underfoot.

Complementing other rooms

Tying the house or office together is not difficult when you combine textures and materials. Using a soft surface as a transition to sleeping quarters, movie theaters, and offices will not only define the area, but it quietens the room making it easier to relax. While using the same hardwood floors throughout most of the space can connect each room, one way to complement this flooring is with carpet in like colors. For instance, if you are using a white pine floor, then installing a beige carpet in the bedroom can blend the home together with a beautiful transition.

Adding comfort

When your home feels a little sterile, or there is too much echoing throughout the office, then using carpet is a wonderful way to soften things up. When you have guests stop by, you want them to feel welcome. Noisy footsteps are not pleasant when you are visiting someone. Bedtime routines are much more enjoyable when you have a plush rug or carpet under the bed. When you want to get a quick snack or grab another movie, then you do not have to worry about slipping in your house shoes when you have carpet. Hardwood and tile are slick, especially when you are half asleep.

Custom options are hot right now

Carpet tiles with mosaic patterns are spectacular for creating a border that looks like you have a fancy rug in the room. Using these options gives you the chance to show off your creativity and sense of style. You can adorn a room, create a focal point, and show off the design of your home with a carefully chosen pattern. Designers can offer style tips and arrangements for patterns should you need help finding out what options there are for customizing your carpets. Dying nylon threads is one way that you can tailor a carpet to a particular color scheme or develop a pattern like hombre where the color fades from dark to light.

Environmentally-friendly fibers are still popular with homeowners

Low VOC products and carpeting with less backing are two methods of safer manufacturing that some companies are using to protect the environment. Using less fuel to make the product, more natural materials, and finding ways to recycle old carpet are just a few of the techniques that flooring manufacturers use to keep excess waste out of the landfills. Animals and children are two of the groups that benefit the most from safer glues and adhesives. Using natural dyes is another way that carpet manufacturers are making better products too.

Carpet designs and trends may change and evolve, but the comfortable medium will never go away. The need to have a soft place to sit while meditating or watching a movie with the family will remain paramount for generations to come. The way we use carpet and how it looks is increasingly adapting and improving. Manufacturers can design software programs to put intricate patterns into the pile or leave the loops long during production to create a new product or customize the carpet for a client. Commercial offices are using custom flooring to make meeting spaces more inviting for guests and business meetings too.