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How to Repair a Scratch in Your Hardwood Floor and Tips to Prevent More Damage

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How to Repair a Scratch in Your Hardwood Floor and Tips to Prevent More Damage

Minor problems like a little scratch from moving something across the floor is often a quick fix that you can perform fast. More serious damage like a gouge may signal that your hardwood needs the help of a contractor says HomeAdvisor. We help you figure out how to tell the difference, and we provide the leading tips for keeping your surfaces looking fabulous in this post.

Figure out what you are dealing with first

DIY says to observe the scratch and decide how extensive the damage is before you choose a repair option. Some marks may only need a touch-up, others a quick sand and polish, and deep cuts that show bare wood might need a contractor or floor specialist. When you have a little spot that you can quickly cover up, a fast solution like a little polyurethane is often enough to hide the damage. Grooves, dents, and missing sections of the plank signal a call to your flooring installer.

Use a crayon or wood glue for the small stuff

The Chicago Tribune mentions a repair that uses a common household item. A steel wool pad from your kitchen sink can help you smooth out a scratch and blend in the surrounding stain. Just be sure to use a coat of poly over the repair to seal it from moisture and prevent the spot from sticking out. A crayon, stain pen, wood glue, wood putty, wax paste, or wood floor repair kit may also work for little marks and scratches.

Why you need a professional for the larger marks in your floor

Your hardwood is not going to stay perfect, but a massive cut or deep drag mark can detract from your design. In the worst cases, floor damage can lower the value of your home and make it harder to find a buyer when you are planning to sell. Floor damage makes it appear as if your home does not get regular maintenance, and many buyers do not want a project. Your home will get more interest and sell faster if you have nice looking hardwood floors.

What to do for pet stains and odors

Pet stains contain smelly chemicals that linger, so you will need to remove these boards and put in new ones if sanding it does not do the trick says This Old House. The fastest and easiest way to get rid of the problem is to take it out of your home. This repair needs the delicate touch of a home contractor or flooring company because you want the fix to be permanent and seamless with the rest of the room.

Tips for keeping your floors blemish-free

  • Put rugs and welcome mats near entrances
  • Vacuum your floor often to keep small rocks and debris from digging into the floor as you walk
  • Have a shoe box or shelf in the mud room to keep the footwear off your hardwood
  • Remove stains immediately
  • Use pet potty pads for animals that need left in a room with wood flooring
  • Wax, polish, or add a wood refresher regularly
  • Trim your pets nails often
  • Keep a small repair kit handy that includes stain pens, polyurethane, sand paper, and wood filler in a tone similar to your hardwoods
  • Use furniture pads to move large objects that you cannot lift
  • Place leg protectors under sofas, tables, and chairs

Waxes and polishes need removing before applying a new application

Bob Vila tells readers to remember that hard work and ammonia are necessary for reapplying your floor wax or hardwood polish. You need to remove the old wax and give your floor a smooth finish before you can coat it with a fresh layer. When you do not take off the old wax, it will cause your new coat of polyurethane or finish to dry unevenly or pit. Stains and discoloration will remain if you do not remove the old coating on your hardwood floors. Your flooring installer or manufacturer can help you decide how often you should add another coat of wax to your floors. Remember that removing polish takes a lot of sanding and hard work, so adding new wax takes strength, time, and patience.

Your hardwood floors are often a reflection of the care you put into your house. When you have guests over, you want them to feel welcome. A floor with scratches and marks is not very inviting, so if you need a little help fixing up your hardwoods, then give Accent on Floors a call at 804-458-0048. Our flooring contractors and designers have tons of tips and care ideas to help you make your home a house that you are proud to show off to every guest. We can help you fix any minor or major damage, and we can replace your flooring with new hardwood if you find that your floors are ready for an update.