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Keeping Laminate Floors Looking Like New

Laminate flooring looks great and last a long time. It is a popular choice for people in the Richmond area who want an attractive, durable, yet economical new floor. But many people looking into laminate flooring wonder about the best way of cleaning and protecting their new flooring investment.

Keeping a laminate floor looking its best is not hard, as long as you keep a few key points in mind.

Sweeping and Vacuuming Laminate Floors

There is nothing wrong with using a broom for getting dust and dirt off of a laminate floor, especially if there is only a small area in need of cleaning-up. However, vacuuming is a more effective and safer method for regular cleaning of the entire floor.

Vacuuming a laminate floor ensures no pieces of grit will be drawn along by a broom, causing a scratch in the floor surface. A vacuum also gets dirt and grime out of joints and crevices in the flooring and does a better job of picking up all dirt and grit where the floor meets the walls.

Vacuuming is also a better way of getting at dust and dirt under furniture and in hard to reach spots under the edges of cabinets.

However, brush-rolls on vacuums can cause damage to laminate flooring when used regularly, so a vacuum which lets you turn off the brush-roll setting is best. Otherwise, adjust the vacuum cleaner to the setting for hard floors.

Dry dust mops also do a great job of picking up dirt on laminate flooring without any risk of scratching the surface finish.

Mopping Laminate Floors

Large amounts of water on a laminate floor can cause damage to the surface. When mopping use only a damp mop, not a sopping wet one. Dry the floor after it is mopped by putting a clean, dry cloth on the end of the mop and picking up any remaining moisture. Cloth baby diapers are an excellent fabric for this job.

A spray bottle with plain water is useful for cleaning laminate floors. Spray an areas about four by four feet, being careful not to get the floor too wet. Use a dry mop or cloth for wiping up the sprayed water before moving on to the next section.

If your floor is still wet a few minutes after mopping in this way, use less water next time.

Laminate flooring has a built-in protective coating on the surface, making heavy-duty cleaning products unnecessary. A mop dampened with nothing but clean water works well for cleaning most spills and day to day messes. If soap is needed, use a small amount of gentle soap, and rinse with a damp cloth or mop using plain water for preventing residue and streaking.

Protecting Laminate Floors

Keeping laminate floors dry is essential for keeping them looking brand-new. The worst enemy of a laminate floor is standing water. Door mats at entrance ways help prevent rainwater from dripping onto the floor. Placing a mat next to the kitchen sink also prevents water from splashing out of the sink and getting the floor wet.

Gliders or protective mats under furniture legs are a good way of preventing scratches when you move furnishings around. For very heavy furniture, lift the item before moving it to ensure you do not scratch the laminate flooring.

Other ways of protecting a laminate floor are:

  • Place a mat under baby and children’s dining chairs for preventing spills and messes from reaching the floor.
  • Put a tray under potted plants, so water does not seep out of the planter and land on the floor.
  • Put a protective plastic mat under the Christmas tree, and be careful when filling the water basin under the tree.
  • Use door mats at entrances and remove muddy and wet shoes and boots before walking on the floor.
  • Brush pets before they come in from outdoors to keep grit from making its way onto the floor.
  • Clean-up spills as soon as they happen for preventing damage to the flooring material.
  • Talk to the flooring manufacturer or installer for their recommendations on cleaning and polishing products for your laminate floor.

By using these methods, a laminate floor can retain its initial luster for many years of use.

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