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Shopping from Home for Your New Floor

More and more people are taking advantage of shopping from home for everything from clothing to vitamins to electronic equipment and more, using outlets like and other online shopping services. But, shopping at home for a new floor? How do you do that?

Accent on Floors in Hopewell, Virginia is a leader in the innovative concept of letting customers shop for new flooring materials of all kinds from the comfort of their home or office, making it easier and more convenient than ever to choose the right flooring material.

While this is just as convenient and fun as shopping at home for other items, the process does work a little bit differently than for other at-home purchases, and there is more than one reason for doing it.

How and Why to Shop for Flooring from Home

When you go to a paint store looking for a new color for your walls, you often take home a few paint chip samples, so you can see just how the colors work in the lighting and d√ącor of your home before making a decision.

Shopping for flooring from home is the same idea. You want to see how the flooring materials look in your living room, kitchen, bath, or office waiting room, because what looks perfect in the showroom may not look quite the same once it is installed.

Shopping for flooring at your home or office in Chester, Hopewell, Prince George, and surrounding locations is one way of making sure the flooring you choose will really suit your home of office environment.

You can place samples of flooring right next to the sofa, curtains, or the floor you plan on keeping in an adjoining room and see how the new flooring material works, right where it will actually be installed.

So, one good reason for shopping for flooring at home is about making the best aesthetic choice for flooring materials, color, and design.

Another reason for shopping for flooring from Accent on Floors Hopewell showroom is convenience. It takes time and energy going and looking at flooring materials in a showroom. Store hours may not fit your schedule, and sometimes the showroom is busy, making it harder to think through the pros and cons of each type of flooring, get your questions answered, and make the best decision.

When you shop for flooring from home, all of this hassle is eliminated.

First, you simple call Accent on Floors in Hopewell, Virginia and schedule an appointment convenient for you and anyone else who will be in on the decision making process. You will be asked some questions about what you are looking for, and this will assure that the flooring associate who comes to visit you will be well-prepared for the consultation.

Next, a mobile flooring van arrives at your home or office at the time you have chosen with dozens of samples of hardwood, vinyl, carpet, laminate, or whatever types of flooring you are considering installing. Multiple colors, designs, and styles will be available for you to look at and ask questions about, right where you want the new flooring to be installed.

The flooring associate will consult with you in-depth about the features of each type of flooring and answer all your questions. This way, you can take the time you need for understanding everything about your investment in a new floor, right on your own turf.

Once you make a decision on flooring materials, colors, and designs, the flooring associate makes accurate measurements of the rooms to place your order, saving you even more time.

After the consultation, your new flooring materials will be ordered promptly, and as soon as they reach the warehouse, you will be notified, and the installation job can be scheduled at a time that works best for you.

These in home or office shop for flooring consultations are free and do not involve any obligation. So, if you are still unsure about what you want, you can end the consultation and take more time for thinking about your options.

Shopping for new flooring of any type near Hopewell, Virginia could not be easier or more convenient. Contact Accent on Floors and schedule your in-home or in-office flooring consultation today.