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Tile Flooring and Installation


Tile Flooring and Installation

Tile is beautiful, versatile and durable. At Accent on Floors, we have several showroom displays in our Hopewell, Virginia location that can give you some great ideas on what we can do with tile. Whether you need to put a new shower surround in your bathroom or want a quality floor for your sun room, Accent on Floors has the tile solution you need.

Why Tile?


At Accent on Floors, we have professional subcontractors who know how to get great results with tile floors and walls. We can design a floor for you using colors and patterns that matches your home’s decor. We can make your bathroom or kitchen into a showplace by using our durable and colorful tile selections.

comfortable with. We can help to design shower stalls, kitchen counters, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors, bathroom walls and a variety of other tile applications. We can give you a very basic but clean look with our tile, or we can spice things up with some colors and designs. We have a comprehensive selection of tile in our showroom, and we can help you make the right choices.

Why Accent on Floors?


We make sure to carry only the highest quality tile in the industry, but we are also conscious of giving you the best possible price. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to balance quality and price in a way that has helped us to create a long list of satisfied customers.

Our network of professional subcontractors will make sure that your tile project is done on your schedule and to the highest possible standards. We make sure that our technicians have the right tools for each job, and that they come prepared with all of the materials they will need to do your project right. From the grout to the durable adhesive, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to planning and executing your tile project.

If you give us a call, then you can schedule a time when we come to your location to discuss your tile project. Instead of making you take time out of your busy day to come to us, we are more than happy to go to you. That is just one of the reasons why you can find a satisfied Accent on Floors customer in any part of Richmond or the surrounding area.

Tile Works Anywhere


One of the great things about quality ceramic tile is that it is a great solution for just about any floor or wall covering need in your home or office. If you are looking for a new way to capture the attention of your visitors when they come to your office for the first time, then consider a colorful tile wall display. We can also install a tile floor to match the walls that is all done in your corporate colors. The effect will not only impress your visitors, but it will enhance your company’s professional image.

If you are looking for something different for your bathroom, then try a tile bathtub surround. We can create a tile surround that sets off the rest of your bathroom decor, or becomes a focal point of the room. Instead of a standard backsplash for your kitchen sink, we recommend a custom tile solution from Accent on Floors.

We enjoy working in tile because it gives us the chance to be creative. But we also realize that there are some situations where a practical approach is best. With tile, you can do any kind of installation you want and get the precise results you are looking for. Our design experts have the experience to take your situation and create a tile solution that fits perfectly.

Whether you need a full bathroom or kitchen wall or just a border to go around the top, you can get the exact solution you need from Accent on Floors. Come to our showroom and talk to one of our experts, or give us a call and set up a time for our experts to come to you. We would be happy to discuss your tile project needs and show you the options we have at our disposal to create the ideal solution.

Tile is easy to clean and looks great in any situation. Accent on Floors can install a standard tile floor, or we can use colorful tiles and patterns to create something very unique. Our installation crews are there to answer your questions, and to get the project done on your schedule. We offer free estimates on all of our tile projects, and we know that we can create a tile solution in your home or office that you will be proud to show off for many years to come.