Get the Most Value from Your New Hardwood Floors

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Get the Most Value from Your New Hardwood Floors

Time says that you can add between three and five percent return on your investment with hardwood flooring versus carpet. That ROI only grows when you add Pergo, Mohawk, and Armstrong wood floors to your kitchen or bath because they are quality brands. Hiring a contractor with the skills and experience to do the job right the first time ensures that you make a wise investment. A professional always provides warranties on the products they provide. When you select a contractor with the tools and knowledge to provide you with exceptional craftsmanship and services, you raise the equity in your property.

Picking a style for your market

To get the largest increase in home value, you should remember to shop for products as if you were selling your home when the project is complete. One thing you should take into consideration is the market where you live. There is no need to put the highest quality floor in a home where you will never recoup the cost if you choose to sell the home at some point. Experts suggest that you look at other homes for sale in the area to get an idea of the flooring types neighbors chose to give you something to compare against your research.

Design considerations for your floor

  • Think about the furniture and accessories you have in the room
  • Classy and timeless designs sell homes
  • Brighter colors make the room feel larger, but show stains easier than darker choices
  • Inlays and patterns like herringbone cost more, but they can also add more value

Functionality is key

HGTV says that you always increase value when you renovate anything in your kitchen including flooring. Even the tiniest change can add equity when using quality products and installers. Consider the space you are upgrading before you look at the design options. For instance, flooring in the kitchen has to stand up to higher traffic flow than bedrooms, so a more durable hardwood like oak, cherry, or walnut is often the best pick. What good are new floors when they show wear and tear after a year or so? Then, you are unhappy with the design and face refinishing the floor.

What is engineered hardwood flooring?

Engineered wood is a solid block of material made from layers of wood particles combined in a criss-cross pattern and glued to form a sturdy wood sheet. These slices are glued in place with commercial adhesives. A top and bottom layer made of solid wood from a variety of species form the shell of the board. When complete, a precision manufacturer like Mannington creates a product that lasts for decades with features like five times the scratch proofing. This flooring option has a unique set of benefits and challenges just like solid wood does, but how much do you know about the differences? A trusted contractor like Accent on Floors can help you sort out the confusion.

The brand makes an enormous difference

The flooring name you select creates unique products that come from specific locations. For instance, Anderson gets most of the solid wood flooring they use from trees in the Appalachian Mountains. They say that the trees in this area have better veining, more durability, and even color ranges giving homeowners a reliable product.

What to look for in a flooring installation company

  • Years of local experience
  • Proper licensing and insurance
  • Diverse range of products
  • Certified installers
  • Free estimates
  • Positive reviews on social media sites
  • Highly recommended by your neighbors, family, and friends
  • Top ratings on sites like Google and Yelp
  • Positive public image
  • Advanced equipment and tools
  • Dependable and courteous staff
  • Service warranties
  • State-of-the-art showroom
  • Installs several flooring options including hardwood
  • Mobile services

How a contractor can help you choose flooring that fits your budget

You can spend weeks looking at all the information you can scour on the Internet, but it will never compare to the experience that a local flooring expert like Accent on Flooring has when understanding the nuances between flooring manufacturers. You may find out where each company sources the wood they use, how long the company has been in business, and other details, but there are little things that you could never know. For instance, the way the flooring fits together versus another brand that may be more difficult to install could end up costing you more money in labor costs because it takes longer to complete the job.

When you want to build up equity in your home, a floor remodel is an excellent way to get guaranteed value. Choosing the right hardwood type is a process that takes time and research. A trusted provider like Accent on Floors can help you navigate the information and make the best choice to get top value for your home.