Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Hardwood Floors

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Hardwood Floors

Investing in hardwood floors is an excellent way to warm up your home and boost equity. Taking care of the exotic wide plank floors in your living room or the deep, cherry boards in your bedroom is reasonably easy when you have all the information. You want to make sure you use products and cleaning methods that condition and protect the floors when you get ready to spruce up the house for the spring. Sealing and cleaning your floors is one way you can protect your investment and make sure that you get a solid return for many more years.

Preparing to deep clean your wood floors

Just like waxing a car, you want to begin prepping your floors for cleaning by removing any dirt, debris, or dust. Using a vacuum cleaner is ideal for this job, but be sure to avoid the ones with the standard beater bar. The circular motion of the bar can damage your floors creating scratches and worn areas that need repairing. For the best care, we suggest using a vacuum cleaner with a flooring attachment. Be sure to use the crevice tool around the baseboards to get all the dust that hides in the corners. You do not want it to come out while you are cleaning and scratch up the edges of your floors and baseboards. An electric broom works well too.

Removing all the wax, debris, and dirt buildup

Cleaning the surface of your hardwood flooring is fairly easy when you have a Swiffer at home, but your floors need a thorough cleaning every week or so to prevent buildup and dirt from sticking to the surface. By using a wood cleaning product and warm water each week, you can get sticky messes and ground in dirt out of the picture. The trick is to wring out your mop or sponge extremely well so that no water ponds on the floor planks. Your hardwood will remain vibrant and last for many years.

Other times when a deep floor cleaning is necessary

Besides, a deep clean each week, you will probably want to schedule a date with the mop bucket when you have holiday parties or other celebrations. We suggest planning a good cleaning for when the festivities wrap up too. Spring cleaning is the prime example of a great time to care for your hardwood floors. By removing all the furniture and small items like rugs and magazine racks, you can inspect your floor for marks, smudges, stains, and damage that need repairing.

How to repair damage to your hard wood floor

Should you find problems with your wood floors, you may need to make some repairs. Some fixes may not need sanding and refinishing. Be sure to keep pets and foot traffic out of the area until repairs are complete to prevent more damage.

  • Surface issues like water marks – 0.000 steel wool and floor wax often get rid of the damage
  • Heel scuffs – extra fine steel wool
  • Pet stains – soak area with vinegar or bleach for one hour and rinse with a damp cloth or use extra fine steel wool and floor wax
  • Oily stains – clean with a damp rag using warm water and dish liquid, but be aware that this may require several applications

Everyday floor care tips

Sometimes, older hardwood floors with an oil finish just need a new coat of oil. Vinegar and warm water works well on hardwoods with a clear, polyurethane finish. In any case, a wood cleaner is the perfect cleaning agent for your hardwood flooring. Always remember to use a damp cloth or sponge. Any excess water can cause problems like warping, staining, and early wear. A Swiffer is great for hardwood floors, and you can even save money on cleaning pads by reversing them to use both sides before tossing.

Preventative maintenance tips

  • Protect floors with furniture pads or rugs
  • Be sure to include carpet tiles or rugs for areas where children play to minimize scratches
  • Add a welcome mat or a place for people to wipe off shoes near entrances – for the best protection place mats inside and outside of the entrance
  • Always use rugs during the winter season to minimize the amount of salt and other winter chemicals getting on your floors
  • Damp mop extra when there is a lot of snow to keep salt damage at bay
  • Consider organizing a mud room near the entrance to decrease the mud and debris from rainy days

Take care of your hardwood floors to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Always use a damp cleaning method, and be sure to select the right vacuum between mopping. For more information about refinishing or repairing hardwood flooring in your home, please contact Accent on Floors at 804-458-0048. We can offer advice, check out a problem, schedule a design consultation, or help you repair hardwood floors in your home or office.