The Top Five Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2018

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The Top Five Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2018

Along with a new year comes the desire to make changes in your home. Have you been waiting for the right time to add hardwood flooring to your kitchen or bathroom? Do you want to install one of the leading designer floors that you see on home improvement shows lately? We give you the top five hardwood flooring trends for 2018 so that you can pick a trend to make your home feel more inviting and luxurious.

Using high-quality flooring ensures your floors will stand up to years of use

While it is tempting to opt for bargain brands or sales at the discount floor mart, it is a good idea to remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to home improvement. Expect to spend at least seven dollars a square foot for durable flooring that will last for years and stand up to high traffic levels.

Multiple width planks

All of the television remodeling shows that capture designers getting creative with recycling projects has led to a new trend in flooring. Creating a pattern that uses wood planks in various widths to mimic piecing together scraps is becoming very fun to add to eclectic spaces. The style is reminiscent of times when materials were limited, and builders found a use for every scrap or wood remnant around the build. Using a variety of board sizes gives homeowners the chance to put down materials from many sources to give them the chance to help the environment or just get a trendy space that will always be a conversation piece. This style gives you the chance to create borders, wood patterns, and line cabinets, fireplaces, or islands to give the space a unique design.

Gray hardwood floors

If you were not a fan of the ruddy grays and warmer tones of the style, but you do like gray flooring trends, then this year’s pick will be a pleasant surprise. Cooler gray tones in whitewash or bluish hues are another preference in flooring options this year. The crisp, masculine style of cool, gray tones pairs well with modern and contemporary designs. Because the choice is versatile, it will go great in country designs along with farmhouse remodels. Whether you want to dress up a space or make it more relaxing, the cool gray trend is a fun option.

Parquet is back

Are you a nostalgic person? Do you love the chevron style of the old parquet floors that you could find in every Victorian home decades ago? Parquet flooring is back in style, and you can update it to give your space a design element that takes you back to simpler times and decorative spaces. Upgrade your kitchen with a pattern that practically begs guests to have a cup of coffee and spend time catching up.

Wide planks are appealing

Floor planks that are between five and eight inches wide are becoming a popular idea in homes across the globe. The use of larger spans gives smaller rooms a spacious feel and makes people feel less crowded in tiny bathrooms or bedrooms. You can redo the whole floor or choose an area under a bed, desk, or seating area to kick the design factor up a notch or two.

Distressed floors are still in style

Shabby chic styles are still popular in 2018. Flooring is no exception to the rule with designers choosing to use new planks that get treatments to make them look old. Homes with shiplap or barn decor will find that distressed floors give the space an authentic feel. On the flipside, modern furniture in dark tones along with gray hardwood floors that look older is a hip trend that is easy to find in new condos and conventional apartments.

Mix the trends to create a custom design for your space

The biggest fashion statement in hardwood flooring is that you can mix and match any design style you want to get a tailored look all your own. If you want wide, gray floor planks with hammer marks in a variety of sizes, then you can use that style to make your space unique. It will give you plenty to talk about, and you never know, you may start a whole new trend.

Hardwood floors trends for 2018 lean toward innovative designs that show respect to helping the environment, recycling, and using what is on hand. Using a design specialist like our experts at Accent on Floors gives you the chance to get a brand new floor with the style you want to transform your space into a conversational area that invites people to sit down and have a chat. Whether you like just one of the styles or all of them, this top five list gives you dozens of options for your space. The best part about this year’s trends is that no matter which ones you choose, you can dress up your space to look like a million dollar renovation or give it a rustic, down-home feel. To find out how we can transform your space, please give us a call at 804-458-0048.