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Seven Trending Tile Designs That Will Make You Love Your Bathroom Again

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Seven Trending Tile Designs That Will Make You Love Your Bathroom Again

Does your bathroom feel blah when you walk into it? Do you wish you had a refreshing, fun, and fashionable design that will show off your style and become a topic of conversation when guests stop by to see you? Updating your tile might be all you need to create a stunning space that is inviting. We have seven fun designs that we think you may find appealing and far from bland when you are ready for a change.

Moroccan tiles add an exotic touch

When spicing up your home is the primary objective, then going with a dramatic tile pattern can liven up your space and give you the appeal you want. Moroccan tiles are flashy and often join to form a mosaic design. Bold flowers, arches, and bulbous curves allow you to choose a pattern that fits your personality or blends into the rest of the home. Blues, greens, and golds are common color options for this trend.

High contrast with black and white tile is always in style

Whether you are happy to use a simple subway tile to provide stark distinction in your bathroom, or you want something a little more intricate, there are tons of black and white designs to consider. For a polished look, the beveled subway tiles are an excellent choice. You can also mix and match floor and wall tiles. For instance, if you use a black tile on the floor, you can add a white grout to make it pop. Then, you can do the inverse on the walls. Checkerboard patterns are always popular, but instead of doing the entire bathroom, you may want to use this design to create a focal point like outlining your vanity or shower. This way you can get the style without worrying about overboard especially in smaller bathrooms.

Vintage makes a comeback

If you love retro, then you may be happy to find out that antique finishes pair very well with classic tile installs. The zig-zag pattern is common in this theme along with antique French flowers and mosaics are both in this year with the black and white combinations and gold trim fitting right into the mix. Tiny tiles are another option along with mediums like ceramic and stone. Tiles with an octagon shape inset with a central block on a diagonal is something you will find in a retro bath design like the one seen here.

Rustic is not shabby in the bath

To instantly transform your room into a warm and inviting space, you can opt for a custom floor that looks like wood. The flooring is porcelain letting you maintain a cleaner space. You can choose wood tones of any color, species, and size to make a unique design that will wow your guests. One consideration for this flooring type is whether or not to use grout.

Pebbles of all sizes and colors give you tons of remodeling options

Rocks and stones are appealing whether you use them on a wall, in a shower cut-out, or as a rug. Check out a sliced mosaic tile made from stone that lines the floor of this shower. With this flooring, you may find that your bathroom is so appealing that you cannot quit going in the room to stare. No matter what your budget, you can use this medium to create a focal point that you will love seeing every time you walk in the room.

Hexagonal tiles are super popular

This design is a favorite pick when renovating with black and white patterns. A fun way to make the room look different is to use dark hexagonal tiles on the floor and pairing it with a classic subway tile on the walls or surrounding your shower. By using two tile types in the same room, you define the space with contrasting colors and shapes.

Soothing gray tones give you a spa feeling at home

Do you want to feel at ease when you come home at the end of the day? Is your bathroom a place where you soak away your worries and frustrations? By adding a cool, gray tile to the space, you can instantly begin to relax before the bubbles even form in the tub. Plus, this color does not show dirt as much as a white floor might. To make this transformation complete, you can even add this same design to the shower or the walls. Just remember to use a different size or shape tile on the floor to provide appeal and draw the eye all the way around the room.

No matter which one of our the seven flooring choices you like the most, the effects can be as dramatic as you want. Busy patterns underfoot go best with solid blocks on the walls, but you can always add a line of mosaic or accent a wall to complete the look. Get ready to fall in love with long showers and soaking baths because these trendy designs will have you ready to spend extra time in the loo.